Santiago is the epitome of a city, IT IS HUGE. We stayed with a beautiful couple through couch surfing, Yanet and Oscar, in the bohemian, arty area called Bellavista. It hosts many cafes, and places to go out to catch live music or dance.


The streets of Bellavista are filled with colourful street art, walking around feels like an extensive art gallery. One of the top 20 things to do on a Sunday in Santiago.

I can’t say much about eating out, although there is a market with everything you need for a great meal at home and literally mountains of avocados! Cheap avocados. I was in heaven.

For under £10 we made steak, salad and potatoes for our hosts. There was a power cut though so we made dinner by candle light, it was very romantic. Rick played his violin for our hosts, which made them very happy. We drunk fantastic Chilean wine and then ended with pisco sours made by Oscar.

There is a great walk to view the city up ‘Cerro San Cristóbal’ however if your legs don’t feel up for it they have a chair lift. Once up there you can really get a feel for how big this city is. Unfortunately the park only opens from 8:30am and then closes before sunset so watching the sunrise is not an option for your morning run! We eagerly went out just before sunrise one morning to find 4 police vans guarding the gates of the park. We later found out that they are there every night as a precaution.

A few days here was enough for us so we planned to hitchhike to Chile. Allowing couch surfing responses to lead our way. We got a YES in the city of Mendoza.

All of our hitchhiking questions were answered here! THANKS HitchWiki

We found the big petrol station just 10min ride on the main road towards Los Andes was a great place to hitchhike as there is a lot of trucks heading to Chile that stop to refuel here. PLUS petrol stations are good because they have facilities!

After 8 hours, with a two-hour wait at the border we arrived in Mendoza, first things first, Malbec and empanadas.